When Art Met Advertising TOO


By: Ysa Valdes

Just as the most renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh used his brushes and colors ever so carefully to skillfully create canvasses of beauty so to should you look at advertising as a blank canvas and the way you do it is the brushes and colors used to create the work of art, your business success. The various forms of advertising are the brushes and colors used to create the work of art, known as your successful business. Each stroke of your brush represents the different types of advertising, used at the right time

If you read the first part of my piece you would have read that it is imperative that you advertise your business for its longevity.  Advertising should not be taken lightly and it must be done with the precision to yield the fruit of your labour.

 Advertising, and doing it properly is an art, but you do not want to do it the wrong way.  But for certain there are mixed and matched ways to create this perfect masterpiece.

You see advertising can be done wrong, because of poor advice and being cheap.  You can not treat something this important and not give it a proper budget.  You say what is a proper budget,  remember in my first article I explained how Coca Cola spends $4 Billion dollars each year in advertising.  They do this because they know that they will earn almost 10 times as much in revenue.

How much money should you budget for your advertising?  I would dare to say 10 % of your revenue.  It is that important.  You see people spend close to $10 Trillion dollars each year on consumerism.  In  order for you to get the people through your doors is by drawing them to you.  And you must do this on a consistent basis. 

Knowing what share of the market is yours is equally important, this helps you formulate, who will see your ads and if what you put out, resonates with your buyers and hence translate it to dollars and cents.  It doesn’t matter if you create  a pretty ad for likes and popularity if it does not translate into new clients. 

You want to always be on the hunt for new clients, and clients that spend and not just like your pretty instagram post.  Which brings me to my next avenue for advertising.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is little bit more complex, because this requires having a website and social media accounts on each platform. As with all forms of advertising, you will have to have some sort of ad creation. If it is for print or online advertising, ensure that your message is the same on all mediums. Online advertising should almost never be done alone.

I would be so bold as to say advertising through social media alone should almost never be done.  You would hear lots and lots of Social media mangers tell you that Social media advertising is the new norm and this is the only way to increase your sales.  Social Media will do one thing for you and one thing alone with will increase your visibility.  Which is a good thing but people scrolling through social media truly are not scrolling to see ads.  And what you have to also keep in mind is, your share of the market and what they spend their money on.  Once you have an idea as to who you want to shop in your stores then you will be able to determine which social media platform which should be best suited for your audience. 

For most online advertising it takes due care and attention to ensure that you post the ads in the specific demographic that you would like it to be seen. If you don’t check the right boxes, your placement will not get its maximum exposure and your ad could end up in a demographic that does not spend.  Having the right graphics are as important because whatever you put out you want to make sure that it stays true to your brand and what you are selling.  All social media accounts should have a link to your company’s website.

Whatever your business the credibility lies in having a suitable website.  It gives you an added digital presence for when people are looking for you.  The internet is the digital phonebook so having your information on the internet or the World Wide Web is another way to establish your online presence. Websites are the road maps to your business and having one is just as important as any other advertising medium that you may use. Having a road map to your business solidifies who you are and what you are trying to do.

Your website should be filled with information that will send people to your location via the internet.  In modern day terms that is called SEO’s.  You can always accomplish this by creating information on your site that will draw people to you.  Blogs, Google my business and website placement ads. 

Television Advertising

Television ads are not limited to television commercials, have you watched movies and saw your favorite brands in the background.  That is called ad placements.  Big named companies adverstise with blockbuster movies to increase their visibility.  You may also hear your favorite actor mention a candy bar or detergent during their set, that is called ad write ins.

As with any of the ways to advertise, this must be carefully orchestrated.   It is to ensure that you pull of the best ways to get the word out about your business.  Creating a video commercial is a must in advertising.  Anything beyond 60 seconds is way too much, Try your best to say all you must within a short period of time.  You can place this ad and all ads on your website.  These video commercials can be played during the news segments. (which are popular) it can also be played during a popular tv show, but again you must know which share of the market you want to reach.

YouTube , watching is gaining lots of traction lately and you can also place your videos on streaming sties to be played.

Know that combining any three mediums will be essential and remember advertising must be consistent and repetitious.

Keeping your business in the eyes and ears of the consumers will always keep them walking through your doors virtual or physical.


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