What is Web Hosting?

Anyone interested in launching their own webpage has heard about Web Hosting. However, do you have any idea what it is? If not, read this article to find out about it.

What is Web Hosting?

To post your website or a webpage on the internet, you will need a Web Hosting service. It’s an online service for publishing your website on the internet. Generally, Web Hosting companies provide services and technologies that you will need to post your website so that it can be viewed on the internet. There are special computers called servers that host and store websites. When anyone wants to view your website, all they have to do is to type your website address and domain into their browsers. And then these servers will lead them to your page. Moreover, hosting companies can also help you to purchase a domain if you don’t have one.

Why Do You Need a Web Hosting?

Many people think that registering a domain name is enough to activate their websites. However, they need to understand that the domain name is just like a name to recognize them. To activate their websites, they will need Web Hosting company’s services. You need a Web Hosting so that people can access your website on the internet. Web hosting is a space that Web Hosting companies provide you on the internet to store your website files. Whenever you take Web Hosting services, you are actually renting a space on the server to run your files on the internet. You can either buy fully-fledged services or customize your own package based on your need.

Features to Look at in a Web Hosting

Whenever you are looking for Web Hosting companies, there are certain features it must possess. These include:

1.     Strong Reputation:

The best measure to define how good a company is its reputation in the market. Therefore, always search for a company with a good market reputation. To find its reputation, you can look at third-party evidence and its previous customer’s reviews.

2.     99 Percent Uptime:

Another indicator of a good Web Hosting company is that they offer 99% uptime. Nobody wants to take the risk even if they have started a website for fun. The primary job of a Web Hosting service provider is to keep your website up and accessible. Therefore, a company that can maintain your website well, both online and offline is a good choice.

3.     Variety of Plans:

Another feature you need to look for in a Webhosting company is their plans, whether they provide a standard plan or multiple hosting plans. Choose the company with affordable yet efficient hosting plans. Because at different times you will need different Web Hosting plans based on your site popularity and growth.

4.     24/7 Customer Services:

Many people ignore this point, but this is an important feature to look in a Webhosting company. A good company can provide you with complete 24/7 support to its customers. Therefore, make sure that your chosen company provides top-notch customer support.

5.     Right Price:

Once you find a good company compares its price with the market rate to make sure that they are charging the right price. Always choose a company whose cost you can afford and is in line with the plan they are offering.

8irhosting – A Reliable Web Hosting

One of the best Web Hosting companies in the market is 8irhosting. They provide a high-quality Web Hosting solution without charging a premium price. Their goal is to provide simple quality services at a low cost so that you have a high turnover. 


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