Traditional vs. Fusion: Agave


The touristic heart of the city, Port Lucaya, is an outdoor haven known for casual souvenir shopping or an impromptu sip at the bar. However, my quest to find The Compass 5 has pointed me into the direction of Agave – a Latin fusion restaurant that sports a bright orange exterior with unique furniture adorning the front and back patios. Though famed for its mixed drinks and extensive wine list, my main goal was to experience the eclectic cuisine this restaurant boasts of.

As my feet pattered onto the wooden deck, the door opened to what seemed like an unlit room – bustling from the noise of silverware and small talk. Immediately, I made the decision to dine on the back patio as the weather permitted a comfortable experience.  Although this verdict was indicated to the host who welcomed me, I was plagued with a 25-minute wait before receiving a menu – thus the uninterrupted waiting began. Nonetheless, I was greeted by a server who promptly delivered a menu and took my drink order.  Meanwhile, I began to scan over the menu – I abruptly paused at the words Conch Fritters.  A savory fried batter filled with diced vegetables, fresh herbs and the Bahamian delicacy known as conch – these fritters are a staple in the realm of Bahamian cuisine.  Though seen as a simple appetizer, I believe that a restaurant is only as good as its conch fritter recipe.  Despite this dish traditionally being meant to be shared, I was certain that I would have no problem devouring them myself.  As my eyes descended, “Fried Shrimp Mango Caesar Salad” suddenly caught my attention – the idea of a classic Caesar with an unexpected addition of mango piqued both my interest and my palate. Patiently awaiting the arrival of my meal, I leisurely scanned my surroundings – taking in the ambiance equipped with florescent tables, palm-inspired fans and little birds patrolling the area.

Though my waiting was long-lived, it was not in vain.  Before receiving my appetizer, I was presented with a carefully plated salad composed of crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a light caesar dressing and parmesan cheese – topped with perfectly ripened mango, crumbled tortilla chips and golden fried shrimp nestled on both corners. About 5 minutes later, a small sheet pan with eight delicate fritters patiently awaiting me to taste.  However, my palate was left disappointed as my long-awaited appetizer lacked flavor though beautifully presented.

 Agave, a fixture in the island’s Culinary hub, has made strides in becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the marketplace.  Its tasteful décor and outdoor decks enable customers to either relax in the air conditioning or sightsee from their table as they enjoy a meal on the patio. With a substantial menu ranging from Bahamian favorites to Latin classics – this eatery is evolving its cuisine daily.

  • The price point was reasonable
  • The ambiance was vibrant
  • The salad was great
  • The service was fair

However, the extended wait time and the lack of flavor in the conch fritters led me to present Agave with a rating of 4. The journey to find The Compass 5 continues


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