Sweets for Your Sweets – Bootleg Chocolates


As Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching, it is only natural to visit an establishment specializing in the confections that make this day so sweet.  Bootleg Chocolates, an alluring dessert shop, found just beyond the core of the Port Lucaya Marketplace.  A sweet tooth’s paradise, with an extensive menu comprised of hand-made chocolates, caramels, bonbons and hot beverages, including coffees and teas.  The café-style ambiance evokes a sense of pure solace and automatically boosts productivity when fueled by one of their signature “conchaccinos.” Plush patio furniture mingled with the nautical theme as crimson seating complemented the rustic plank counters.

Mesmerized by the assortment impeccably arranged within the vitrine, seamlessly accompanied by the selection displayed on the chalkboard-style menu –– an inevitable plague of indecision began.  Nonetheless, it quickly concluded at the option to create a box filled with the chocolates of my choosing –– though pre-made boxes are conveniently available – assisted by a friendly barista who explained each item in great detail.

The day of love invites Bootleg Chocolates to create an array of confections, ranging from classic indulgence, to unique, yet familiar Bahamian flavors.  Delicate bonbons filled with red-velvet ganache, molded into the shape of a heart and lightly airbrushed with a rosy shimmer –– effortlessly depicting the essence of the 14th.  Gully wash, guava duff and Abaco honey + rock salt, are among the recognizable additions to the list. The ability to convert such flavors into a delicate piece of chocolate, speaks highly of the pastry chefs behind the sweet shop. However, the possibilities do not end there, as caramels with flavorings of Bahamian sea salt + hibiscus and goat pepper + balsamic are introduced to the palate. It is also customary that with every great dessert, there is a caffeinated beverage to follow.  Whether you prefer a shot of espresso or a mug of Americano, your caffeine fix is instantly settled by the selections available.

Though February is usually considered a frigid month, winters in The Bahamas rarely follow suit.  Any opportunity to indulge in house-made ice-cream is one that should be taken. Apart from the standard gifting of sweets, Bootleg Chocolates manufactures their own line of ice-cream sandwiches in a variety of original flavors including vanilla bean, gully wash and pina colada –– while new additions like classic red velvet, praline and goat pepper have crept onto the menu.

This confectioner’s oasis is no doubt a hidden gem that needs to be uncovered.  It’s cozy feel and nautical contemporary décor adds to the experience of each cocoa-covered confection along with the coffees and teas to cleanse the palate.

  • The price point was reasonable for the quality of the product
  • The ambiance was cozy, yet inviting
  • The service was great
  • The menu items are delicious

Ultimately, this enjoyable experience has led me to give Bootleg Chocolates The Compass 5 –one that I feel is truly deserved.


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