Merport Bistro


“The perfect hideaway for a relaxing Breakfast or Lunch date, Merport Bistro offers fresh food, a serene ambiance, and outstanding service.” A picturesque French-style eatery located in the center of the bustling downtown area of Freeport.  Initially, Merport Bistro caught my ears as the murmurs of fellow foodies enticed my burning desire to find The Compass 5.  As I strolled up the wooden steps, I was pleasantly greeted by a lady who took great care in ensuring I select the perfect seat. Though there was an option to sit out on the patio, I chose, however, to be seated on the inside – a decision that proved to be wise as heavy rain showers began shortly thereafter.  This choice also granted an opportunity to admire the decor, glossy hardwood flooring, fresh white linens and a formal place setting giving the interior a sophisticated touch. Interestingly, this was my very first time at the bistro as it frequently went unnoticed during my daily commute.

Once seated, I was approached by a neatly-clad gentleman who took my drink order and allowed a moment for me to look over the menu. Enthralled with variety, the selections ranged from fresh salads and wraps accompanied by house-made dressings to refined entrees with an MB twist.  Though all of the options were enticing, this was the opportune time to sample the Seafood Cakes – a light appetizer composed of conch, shrimp and fish fillet served with a roasted chipotle bell pepper aioli, topped with sautéed spiralized spring vegetables.  Conveniently, I overheard the table adjacent to me raving about the dish – which ultimately affirmed my request. However, the meal was not complete until the Shrimp Provencal was ordered.  An aromatic array of vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, bell peppers and onions simmered in a white wine sauce, served over fragrant jasmine rice and crisp vegetables – a meal that would pair perfectly with the blueberry lemonade awaiting its arrival.

With no delay, my appetizer was making its way to the table. The spectacle of an alluringly plated starter, escorted by a personable server who frequently made table touches.

After a few necessary snapshots, it was finally time to relish the dish recommended and savored by fellow diners. Chunks of seafood formed into a delicate cake, topped with sautéed carrots, zucchini and squash – served over a lightly spiced aioli, tying the entire dish together. The sign of a clean plate distinctly indicated to my server that I was ready to welcome the next course. With just a few minutes to continue my admiration of the interior, the main course was on its way. Perfectly cooked shrimp tossed in a tomato-based wine sauce with the addition of fresh garlic and herbs. The dish, accompanied by fluffy white rice and seasonal vegetables, evoked a homecooked feel with an essence of fine dining.  Just before the end of my meal, I was already planning my next visit.

My midday lunch at Merport Bistro brought pure satisfaction to both my hunger and my mission – to find The Compass 5.  A petite restaurant with tasteful décor and even tastier menu options. With a friendly staff and efficient service, this restaurant is most definitely in the ranking to be one of the best on the island. With a considerably diverse menu, there is an option to satisfy every guest.

  • The price point was reasonable
  • The ambiance was elegant
  • The food was delicious and very hot!
  • The service was excellent

Consequently, Merport Bistro receives The Compass 5. Though it’s the first we’ve experienced on the island, I’m sure it won’t be the last as our plates and palates continue to grow.


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