Little Tokyo – ‘Shrimply the Best’


Though there are many restaurants throughout the Port Lucayan Marketplace serving an array of cuisine ranging from traditional Bahamian to classic Italian, this touristic focal point has steadily developed into a smorgasbord of restaurants and cafes – intriguing palates as they welcome unsuspecting patrons.  Thus, my culinary adventure lingers through the doors of a quaint Japanese eatery, adjacent to the dock, with an antique telephone booth just outside its window.  With its substantial menu conveniently hung on the outside wall, Little Tokyo grants customers a glimpse of the sushi roll selection along with other Japanese favorites — before even stepping over the threshold.

The wait for a table, though short-lived, was no match for the wait encountered before receiving our entrees.  Shortly after being seated, we were greeted by a server who spared no time in taking our order – which was in fact decided upon with the help of the menu board plasters on the outside. “Sushi rolls!” – the reason we’d made the commute to the restaurant so many have talked about. Without taking a breath, I recited the order, beginning with the Crab Crown, a roll comprised of succulent steamed shrimp, sliced avocado, julienned mango, and thinly sliced cucumber – all tucked away in sushi rice. The roll is further topped with imitation crab, citrus mayo, sweet teriyaki sauce and a signature special sauce.  Though the experience of one roll is satisfying in itself, indecisiveness plagued my decision – ultimately influencing the choice to indulge in the roll appropriately called the “Monster Shrimp.”  This reversed roll is packed with shrimp tempura, crab salad and topped with steamed shrimp.  The elevated classic is finished with a drizzle of signature sauce and spicy mayo.  The anticipation intensified, though my appetite was left yearning during an over 40-minute wait.  Several sips of lemonade later, the meal arrived. Though the food was undeniably delicious, I was still left with an unpleasant taste after waiting for such a long time.  Nevertheless, as a sushi lover, the meal was everything I’d hoped for.

As for the décor, the restaurant follows a very simple yet modern design style, with booth seating fitted on the subtle yellow walls.  With a few art pieces depicting an Oriental theme, along with an open kitchen where guests have the opportunity to watch their rolls prepared. With contemporary styled light and red table accents, complemented by the cherry wood furniture.

Little Tokyo, a Japanese eatery with a substantial menu that reflects its traditional yet fusion concept.  My experience at the restaurant left me content with its flavors but wanting more in the area of service and speed.

o The price point was great

o The ambiance was simple

o The food was delicious

o The service was ok

For this reason, I have chosen rate Little Tokyo a 4 out of 5 – its high-ranking food made up for the service and unfortunate wait time.  I would highly recommend this restaurant for dining in, but ordering takeout ahead is also an option if time is of the essence.