Kingdom Government Movement Position On The New Proclamation



November 30th 2020

Citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, we in the Kingdom Government Movement, known as the KGM, deem it our esteemed privilege to have an opportunity to share with you our position as it relates to the continued unconstitutional proclamations, issued by His Excellency, The Governor General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, on the advice of the Honorable Prime Minister.

The KGM is fully aware of the absence of opposition in our current system of government, that is Westminster, that affords the governing administration, a winner takes all system, thereby, amounting to nothing more than a Prime Ministerial Dictatorship.

Let there be no doubt, that the KGM has supported the Honorable Prime Minister, in the initial phases of the Emergency Powers Act, and the first Proclamation, issued by H.E. the Governor General which the emergency orders under the Emergency Powers Act, should have lasted for a period of 2 weeks, and the Proclamation only for a 6 month period. Having now therefore extending the Emergency Powers Act beyond the 6 months required by the constitution, has gravely threatened the Civil Liberties of the Citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  

It has become apparent that there must be some ambiguity in the law or the constitution, as our learned legal profession cannot come together in unison to solve this injustice perpetrated on the Bahamian citizenry.

The KGM therefore, maintains certain reservations about the procedural methodology utilized to put the emergency measures in place. However we do acknowledge the fact that the Emergency Powers Act legislation, does empower the government to control the movement of it’s citizens, although much criticism is warranted for the governments ad hoc and most times seemingly arbitrary imposition. And this has constitutional imprimatur.

As the Latin maxim goes “Salus populi,supremalex”- the welfare of the public is the supreme law.  Therefore, we in the KGM are of the expressed view, that these actions taken by our government is having the adverse effect for the results for which these actions were intended, and is now a detriment to the health and welfare of all Bahamian Citizens.

-Dr. Kevin C. King (Leader of Kingdom Government Movement)


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