Island Traders (Heart) You

Customer Appreciation Day

Pictured from left to right: Kircheva Bodie, Office Manager, Ms. Pinder’s Mother, Antoine Brooks, CEO, Anthea Pinder, Winner, Ms. Pinder’s Daughter and Brianne Burrows, Head Customs Broker.

Freeport, Grand Bahama – Island Traders Shop and Ship held its 1st Annual Customer Appreciation Day on, February 14, the worldwide day of love.  Under the theme, Island Traders (heart) you, the day got underway at 9:00 am.  Patrons who visited the establishment, located at #2 Millennium Mall, were greeted with breakfast delights and creative valentine’s decor.  The hourly raffle prizes kicked off immediately. Microwaves, the good pot sets, vacuum cleaners, teddy bears and Laundry baskets filled with detergent, softener, Febreeze, mops and brooms sat patiently waiting for their owners to take them home. Everyone who filled out raffle tickets received a goody grocery bag.  No one went home empty-handed.

“Our customers mean the world to us.  We are officially making customer appreciation day an annual event because we want to continue to show our customers how much we love them!” shared Mr. Antoine Brooks, the company’s CEO.

Pictured from left to right: Antoine Brooks, CEO, (Winner) Delores Frazier, Customer and Kircheva Bodie, Office Manager

Placed on speakerphone to capture the winner’s first reaction, many screamed out loud.  At noon, wings, crab salad, meatballs, sweet rolls and drinks were served for the next influx of guests.  The winner of the biggest prize of the day Ms. Anthea Pinder said, “I was listening to Dove’s live remote and decided to pick up my package.  I wanted to win a prize but ended up winning the big prize.  I have never been disappointed by their service.  Even when they are delayed, they compensate you. ” Ms. Pinder won a 55” Smart TV, a $100 Agave Gift Certificate, a $100 Netflix card and a large teddy bear. 

There is, however, another chance to win prizes. On Saturday, February 29th, a 70” Smart TV with surround sound and a $100 Netflix card will be raffled.  When patrons collect their packages, they can fill out a raffle ticket to be entered into the remaining raffle.  Those persons who already entered on Friday, February 14, will automatically be entered into the remaining raffle.

Pictured left to right: (Winner) Isaac Smith, Customer and Brianne Burrows, Head Customs Broker

Vanessa Seymour, winner of a microwave, found out about the customer appreciation day on the Island Traders Facebook Page.  “Customer Appreciation Day was awesome, the treats and prizes were wonderful.  I have been using their service since 2015 and have always been pleased.  Looking forward to the grand raffle.” She shared.

Island Traders Shop and Ship is a shipping company on the Island of Grand Bahama and has been in operation since 2014.  If you would like to keep up with all of their discounts and information, follow Island Traders on their social media platforms listed below.  You may also sign up for a free US address on their website


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