Selling Grand Bahama Virtually: Innovation and Insight


GRAND BAHAMA, The Bahamas, November 3, 2020 With exotic getaways now seemingly only  a figment of one’s imagination amid a global pandemic, DonCar Management, a management, marketing  and  consulting  firm, has  partnered  with Hibiscus  International’s  The  Real  Estate Travel Academy,  on  October 28 to provide investors, real estate agents and developers the ultimate virtual real estate tour  experience on Grand Bahama. 

The virtual  travelers were given a history of Grand Bahama  Island, heard of eight reasons  to invest in  Grand  Bahama,  learned  of  all  of  the  natural  resources  on  land  and  on  sea  and  took  in  some  of  the  colorful culture of the island’s cuisine and music. 

As the country gradually reopens its borders and relaxes its travel restrictions, The Bahamas and Grand  Bahama, in particular is becoming more attractive as more travelers seek out international destinations  and Caribbean getaways. 

During  the  tour,  the  delegation  met  Minister  of  State  for  Grand  Bahama  J.  Kwasi  Thompson  who  congratulated Hibiscus  on its  virtual  tour  experience  and  for  featuring Grand  Bahama, while  pointing  out that the island is one of the most beautiful and resilient in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. 

 VIRTUAL TOUR — David Mackey, of Mackey Media Ltd., behind the scenes during the virtual on-island tour with  real estate buyers, brokers and agents on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.

Minister Thompson also informed his guests that the island’s infrastructure is unmatched in the region, with a population at just over 51,000, while assuring that the island, which still has room to grow, has  endless opportunities. 

The  prospective  investors,  real  estate  agents  and  developers also  visited  with  Grand  Bahama  Port  Authority President Ian Rolle who revealed that the blueprint already exists which provides a number of  attractive incentives that makes investing in the City of Freeport/Lucaya easy. 

Mr. Rolle also told his invitees of the vast amount of land available for building their home or developing  an ideal  community. He  thanked  them  for  their interest in Grand Bahama  and welcomed  them  to  the  path that would lead them to their next adventure. 

Other DEVCO presenters, Charisse Brown and Charles Pratt stopped in and spoke further on investment  opportunities  and  Attorney Carey  Leonard  explained  the  process  of  buying  real  estate.  Real  estate  brokers and agents also made appearances and showcased their listings. 

The  virtual travellers  were taken  on a  tantalizing  journey with  Cooking  with  Tony  Macaroni  as  they  feasted their eyes on a variety of conch dish preparations; listened to special Bahamian music from one  man band – Edward “Mango Man” Meadows and were treated to a special cultural dance performance  by Robyn Major.  

The virtual on-island tour was co-produced by Carmel Churchill of DonCar Management and David  Mackey of Mackey Media Ltd., and is receiving rave reviews from industry partners and has sparked a  renewed buzz and excitement for the destination among investors as more real estate agents are eyeing  the island.

The  principals  of  DonCar  Management,  Don  and  Carmel  Churchill,  bring over  70  years  of  combined  international  experience  in  management  of  vacation  rentals,  attractions,  hotels,  consulting  services,  destination marketing, hotel sales and real estate and are familiar with all aspects of the Grand Bahama  business environment.  

DONCAR PRINCIPALS — Don and Carmel Churchill, Principals of DonCar Management, collaborated  with Anne Brobyn, of Hibiscus International, to bring real estate buyers, brokers and agents to Grand  Bahama Island in the ultimate virtual experience.

With  the new  trend in  virtual  tours, Hibiscus  International has organized live, interactive Virtual Real  Estate  Tours to  over  35  countries  around  the  world beginning  in  January  2021. Each  episode  has  been created  for  real  estate  agents  and  investors  interested  in  gaining  a  better  understanding  of  a  destination’s culture and real estate market to ensure successful business transactions.