Harborside Escape


Just beyond the culinary hub of Grand Bahama, a quick wind around the central roundabout and all signs lead us to the island’s only “gastro bar.” Flying Fish Gastrobar, a modern contemporary-styled restaurant overlooking the relaxed waters beneath its dock styled patio – equipped with set tables and lounge furniture.  By definition, a “gastrobar” or “gastropub” is a term coined in the 1990s as a hybrid pub, bar and restaurant, notable for serving beer, wine and food.  A new experience awaited as a kind-hearted hostess immediately directed me to a table with picturesque views of the canal.

After being seated and taking a minute to admire the view, I scanned the menu in hopes of finding a dish that would satisfy my desire for fresh fish. Moments later, I was introduced to my server, a welcoming glimmer of hospitality who effortlessly recited the specials being served. Nonetheless, I was transfixed on the menu selection, which ultimately gave me reason to make a second trip to the harborside eatery.  Seared Mahi, atop a bed of coconut rice, garnished with a fresh mango salad and a sweet chili sauce.  The restaurant boasts of its use of traditional and modernist cuisine techniques – all while having the only female certified Sommelier as one of its owners.  As my dish was being prepared, I was captivated by the ambiance – unique yet familiar, new yet long-established.  Tables fitted with checkered linen, uniquely fashioned silverware and whimsical light fixtures made from recycled sangria bottles.  Surely, I was in for a treat as the restaurant seemed to live up to the whispers I overheard from fellow patrons.

Just in the nick of time, my entrée had arrived, hot and beautifully presented. The tantalizing aroma preceded the well-constructed dish comprised of hot and cold elements – seasoned seamlessly as flavors balanced, they married together.  Fluffy jasmine rice with an essence of coconut accompanied by a seared filet of Mahi Mahi.  All balanced by a chilled mango salad comprised of fresh mango, red bell peppers and cabbage – what seemed to be tossed in a light vinaigrette.  Visually the plate was stunning and the overall taste matched the presentation.

Flying Fish, a revamped contender within the culinary scene of Grand Bahama.  Though the restaurant might still be considered a secret to some – to many, it is the go-to spot for craft drinks and an eclectic array of cuisine.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience dining at the waterside hideaway.

  • The price point was reasonable
  • The ambiance was unique
  • The food was delicious
  • The service was great

For this reason, I have chosen to award Flying Fish The Compass 5 –– its high-ranking food, service and atmosphere truly put it over the edge.  I would highly recommend this restaurant as its ambiance and cuisine are unlike any other on the island.