GBUC Partners with McKim & Creed for Leak Detection Services


May 5, 2021 – Freeport, The Bahamas – Timely, ongoing maintenance of the Grand Bahama Utility Company’s (GBUC’s) water distribution system is critical to delivering safe, reliable water to all residents. As part of its leak detection program, GBUC has collaborated with engineering and surveying firm McKim & Creed to provide leak detection services for 120 miles of water pipelines on Grand Bahama Island. 

The pipelines, which were thoroughly inspected and acoustically tested to confirm precise locations of potential leakages, are a part of GBUC’s water distribution system which includes over 500 miles of pipelines, four water treatment plants and three booster pump stations. 

McKim & Creed is a leader in water loss, water recovery and accurate, non-invasive leak detection. The US-based company provides expertise in industry-leading smart technology which enables them to locate all types of leaks and to recover water that is lost through infrastructure defects or aging. 

The McKim & Creed team also assisted GBUC with troubleshooting remote data sites and communications for flow and pressure recording devices that are used to create District Metering Areas (DMAs) within the water distribution system. DMAs help narrow down the areas of highest leakage for further investigation.

Remington Wilchcombe, GBUC Operations Manager, stated that the partnership between the two companies was timely and successful because GBUC was able to identify potential leakage early. “Engaging McKim & Creed resulted in cost savings for both the Company and our customers, and helps reduce potential infrastructure damage and protect pipelines in the water distribution system in preparation for the completion of the Reverse Osmosis system.”

He added, “GBUC is committed to a continuous leak detection program as part of our long-term asset management to ensure that our pipelines are robust and functioning accurately and efficiently.”

Along with leak detection services, McKim & Creed provided training to GBUC personnel on proper field practices and equipment processes so that they will be able to continue to proactively maintain the recently-upgraded leak detection system.  

Mr. Wilchcombe applauded McKim & Creed for the excellent training provided to the GBUC team and noted its importance in GBUC’s overall storm preparation and improvement strategy. “Safety takes precedence over cost and expediency. We want to ensure that we are not only rebuilding stronger to lessen the impact of future natural disasters, but we are also equipping our GBUC servicemen with the knowledge and expertise to ensure we are able to continue this type of preventative maintenance to deliver reliably for our customers for many years to come.”


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