For the Love of Food: Pier One Restaurant


Whether you made reservations or simply prepared a restaurant-quality meal at home – Valentine’s Day was one of the many occasions centered around food and the emotions it evokes. Though sweets are habitually at the core of this love-filled celebration, a great meal frequently follows. The day of love led both me and my quest to an ocean-bordered eatery known for its Bahamian/Japanese cuisine and unique tourist attraction. Pier One Restaurant and Sushi Bar, a modern styled restaurant located on the edge of the Freeport Harbour. Though the interior carries a minimalist design, with sleek wood flooring and egg-shell colored seating – the exterior is masked with a waterscape themed mural.

After walking onto the wooden deck, fitted with seating to match – I immediately valued the necessity of booking a reservation. Without a moment to spare, my guests and I were escorted to a set table, anticipating our arrival – equipped with a prix fixe menu devised just for the occasion.  Consisting of three courses, the menu appealed to a variety of tastes without the necessary inclusion of a vegetarian option.  As a starter, guests had the option of choosing between the Lobster Bisque, a smooth, flavorful soup topped with poached lobster and traditionally finished with a bit of cream – or a Caesar Salad, crisp romaine tossed in a light caesar dressing, topped with parmesan cheese and garlic croutons. Confidently, I chose the soup as it is a favorite among seafood-lovers like myself.  It arrived at the table hot as expected and featured a substantial portion of lobster meat garnishing the luscious bisque.

 To continue the meal, there were four options of both seafood and meat-based dishes, though the Surf & Turf was the unanimous vote across the table.  During the wait, we were somewhat entertained, yet amazed by the bustle of the restaurant and the sight of each server effortlessly flowing throughout the commotion.  At a moment’s notice, I made eye contact with the server as she carefully delivered the entrée just 20 minutes in the making.  A succulent lobster tail accompanied by a seasoned NY Strip steak cooked to a precise medium, alongside creamy whipped garlic mashed potatoes and blanched vegetables with a slight crunch.  Finally, the meal ended on a sweet note with an ordinary chocolate cake with an abnormally crumbly texture – leaving much to be desired.

Pier One, a local favorite and touristic destination known for its unique and desired attraction of daily shark feedings that continue to impress and dazzle diners.  It’s sleek décor and open concept presents an inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy both inside and out.  Though my visit was met with a set menu, the restaurant ordinarily entices patrons with an array of sushi rolls and Bahamian delicacies. Overall,

  • The price point was fair
  • The ambiance was inviting
  • The food was good
  • The service was great

However, the lackluster dessert led me to present Pier One with a rating of 4. The journey to find The Compass 5 continues as we eat and savor the flavors of Grand Bahama.