‘Down with the Lockdown’ video competition


Sharell Lockhart

Compass Correspondent

Vessels of Purpose Elite (V.O.P.E.) girls’ mentoring organization hosted the ‘Down with the Lockdown’ Video Competition on Friday April 12, 2020 via the WhatsApp social media platform.

Designed to help children and their families creatively document how they were coping with government emergency orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic, V.O.P.E President Brennamae Rolle-Cooper explained the competition rules.

“Competitors were allotted a time of 60 seconds to two minutes to showcase their filmmaking and directing prowess and were judged on originality, use of topic/content, video quality and time,” she said.

“Six persons submitted videos which were judged by a cadre of professionals that included educator Rayette Spence, videographer Quinton Gordon, public relations and media consultant Sharell Lockhart, and led by Chief Judge Donovan Bowe, an educator.

“The competitors had the opportunity to utilize any video making platform, inclusive of Tik Tik, YouTube, Dub Smash and Flipagram and those vying had the chance to win a cash prize.”

Understanding that it is a difficult time for most, Rolle-Cooper noted that being under a curfew isolated from friends and loved ones can play on the psyche of both children and adults, as by nature, human beings are designed to socialize and interact with one another.

“Oftentimes you hear the saying, ‘No man is an island,’ and we tend to take that fact for granted, especially as God in His wisdom created us to rely on one another,” she said.

Brennamae Rolle-Cooper
V.O.P.E President

“And with so much doom and gloom surrounding this all too real virus that has virtually brought the world to a standstill, it is imperative that while we adhere to the counsel of our governmental and health leaders for our safety, a well-structured, fun-filled plan should be devised to get us through this in a manner that is conducive for the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being of us all.”

The ‘Down with the Lockdown’ competitors’ videos showed families praying, reading, dancing, gardening and eating together, as well as assisting little ones with online school assignments and ultimately spending the best currency known to mankind — quality time, together.

Proud of all the participants, Rolle-Cooper announced the winners of the competition on V.O.P.E’s Facebook page on Friday April 17, 2020 — Bennae Butterfield, Noah Russell and Evernique Marshall captured the top three placements.

“Definitely, they all did a fantastic job, although it was a bit challenging for the judges during their deliberation process due to the creativity of the competitors, who were dynamic, and they should be proud of themselves,” Rolle-Cooper said.

Young Miss Butterfield captured the top cash prize of $100; Russell and Marshall secured $60 and $40 respectively. honourable mention was given to the other contestants, namely Sharell Lewis, Rheanna Adams and Miss Julieann.

“Each of them showed that they were not allowing the lockdown to get to them and, with the love and support of their families, they are going to get through this pandemic experience better than ever before,” she noted.

“It is my earnest hope that V.O.P.E continues to inspire our mentees and others who view our Facebook page, everyone will adhere to the instructions given by our leaders, God and family will remain our number one focus, positive creativity will be explored and we will all stay safe.”