GRAND  BAHAMA,  The  Bahamas,  November  16,  2020 After  the  launch  of  its  radio  station,  Dove103.7FM  and  The  Compass  Newspaper  a  few  years  later  in  Grand  Bahama,  Infinity  Communications  Ltd.  has  added  another  nugget  to  its  conglomerate  — this  time  around  an  online  television channel,  the Dove Newsbrief — while  taking its brand  to  two more islands in  the Northern  Bahamas. 

Dove103.7FM,  arguably  the most listened  to  alternative  radio  station  playing  contemporary  Christian  music, reached another milestone on November 11th when it celebrated nine years as the only Gospel  Radio Station covering the Northern Bahamas. 

Dove Chief Executive Officer Ysa Valdes admits the road has been both exciting and challenging, having  gone through a number of major storms, more recently Hurricane Dorian which crippled several radio  stations for months, but, unlike a few of them, Dove managed to replug and get back on air and is now  trying to stay afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We know we have a purpose in the community and we are aware of how much our listeners depend on  us to get them through the day — whether it’s just to hear an inspiring word or an uplifting song at that  very moment when they need it the most,” Valdes said. 

“We  are  continuing  with  re-establishing  our  brand  in  Abaco  and  we  are  going  to  launch  Alice  Town,  Bimini.  We  have  decided  to  add  another  component  to  our  media  conglomerate  with  live  stream  television — starting off by streaming through YouTube and Facebook and then going on to use our own  streaming platform.” 

The  Dove  Newsbrief,  which  provides  daily  local,  national,  international  and  sports  news  content,  keeping  its  listeners  informed  on  what’s  happening  in  The  Bahamas  and  around  the  world,  and  the  newest  talk  show,  Make  It  Make  Sense,  hosted  by  Darren  Cooper Thursdays  at  11:00am,  are  now  on  Dove’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. 

“We’ve built a committed, vibrant team and The Dove Nation is strong. We are a part of this community.  We remain invested in these communities and we are grateful that the Dove Nation has stuck with us all  of these years,” Valdes said. “You’ve listened to us and we are listening to you — bringing you what you  want to hear and watch as we continue to grow together.” 

The Dove CEO is excited about what  the  future holds  for Dove Nation,  the partnerships  that are being  formed in the communities through its philanthropic arm, especially during these difficult times, and the  plans on the drawing board that are gradually coming to fruition.