Dove 103.7FM Appoints Chief Operating Officer:


Parent Company Infinity Communications Appoints Mr. Tevin Moore

We are happy to introduce you to Mr. Tevin Moore and his appointment as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Moore has been a part of the company from inception and has learned every aspect of the company. He took some time to attend Kieser University and graduated with a degree in Radio Broadcast Engineering.

Tevin Moore has gained a wealth of experience in Dove 103.7FM and has helped navigate it through the most difficult times of Hurricane Dorian and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

It was with him at the helm that Dove 103.7FM was able to weather those difficult times. Tevin has begun an aggressive recruitment exercise to build a resilient team of professionals that will begin to advance Dove to better weather the changing times and to expand and rebuild in the Northern Bahamas.

The future is bright and His vision for the next phase of the company’s evolution is even brighter. Under his vision Dove will become the leading media company of the Northern Bahamas.

Infinity Communications will be offering additional services in production, rental of Podcast studios/sets and the creation of content. Under his leadership it will propel Infinity Communications as the leading Media Company in the region with the potential to help Market any small medium and large businesses in the region. Infinity Communications is well suited and poised to handle the knowns and the unknowns of the next decade.

Tevin Moore is the son of the founder of Infinity Communications dba Dove 103.7FM and the building of generational wealth is at the forefront of building this legacy. “I am very pleased with the growth and determination of Tevin. He has truly been instrumental in bringing vision and perspective of the changing times.

At the age of 30 he has broadened the scope of what the company can become and I look forward to what 45 will look like, under his operations. He has never wavered with the overall mandate of Dove which is every moment is a ministry moment.” Said Ysa Valdes


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