All Things Bahamian

THE COMPASS - All Things Bahamian RJ - final Photo
THE COMPASS - All Things Bahamian RJ - final Photo

In a matter of speaking we can equate Bahamian culture to the tradition of eating pea’s and rice and baked macaroni, but that is just one aspect of what is truly Bahamian.  Persons in the out islands often think that culture is somewhat non nonexistent to those living on the main islands  such as Grand Bahama and New Providence, however, our culture is still a very much alive and a rich one indeed.  From sheep herding in Long Island  to tomato bottling in Cat Island or catching crabs in Andros, our culture has always been that of richness and very unique nonetheless.

Food is not the only part of our culture, but celebration as well, from the slaves were brought here to the beautiful shores of the Bahamas who turned their mourning into celebration by dancing.  The culture of the Bahamian people has always been to preserve the family with deep morals and Christian values and never to waste anything. If you would ask anyone that grew up on the out islands they would confirm that everything was shared among each other. This is what being a Bahamian is all about. And as things have evolved so has our culture, we moved to the main islands for higher education, modern conveniences such as cell phones and cable TV, while some of the out islands still have some unpaved roads.

But some things stayed the same no matter which island you go to! Like going to the conch stand for freshly made conch salad (which is also evolving to a tropical salad), going to the produce exchange for fresh fruits, vegetables and crabs.  And celebrating summer with goombay festival and at Christmas celebrating Boxing Day and New Year’s with Junkanoo.


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